Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I purchase your mapping services?


The easiest way is to purchase online. Our online purchasing is secure and we accept VISA and MasterCard credit cards, or you can also choose to "Pay by PayPal".


How does purchasing work. What is the process?


Purchasing and registering is an easy process that involves 5 simple steps:


  1. Submit your details - Provide us with information what two industrial classifications would you like to map. Afterwards, we just need your full name, company's name and e-mail address.
  2. Place an order - After making sure that all information regarding the order had been submitted correctly you need just to click on the icon 'ORDER NOW'.
  3. Payment - Then, you will be automatically directed to the payment window where you can choose your payment method which suits you best and fill in the payment details. The final step is to confirm the payment by clicking on the icon 'EXECUTE PAYMENT'.
  4. Activation – As soon as your payment is registered our system will automatically notify us about your order details. As we receive many requests at the time, we reserve a right to send the end-up product within 48 hours from the payment's registration.
  5. Execution - Within 48 hours you will receive a complete mapping of 2 chosen classification codes in the requested file format. Our employee from the client service and quality department shall contact you in order to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our services. If you wish not to receive any calls after the purchase, please leave us a brief note in the 'Comment' area when placing an order.


What restrictions apply to the purchased product/services?


The final file prepared by our company, containing a mapping between 2 chosen by the client industrial classifications, is exclusively for the benefit and internal use of the client. The aforementioned file may not be disclosed to any third party. Any purchaser of the mapping services does not carry any right of the file publication or disclosure to any other party. Any purchaser of our products/services agrees to indemnify and hold A&K Ventures OÜ harmless from, costs or liabilities which result from claims against A&K Ventures OÜ by any third parties, where such claims arise out of the services to be provided by A&K Ventures OÜ.


Can I get reseller pricing on your products/services?


In order to qualify to become our reseller you must be:

  1. A reputable business with a good name in its market.
  2. Already be selling similar products/services to others.
  3. Planning to sell a reasonable volume of our products (usually at least EUR 1 000 a month).

To apply to become a reseller please complete the form here.


Can I negotiate further on pricing if I purchase more than two mappings for different industrial classifications?


Unfortunately no. Because our sales system is fully automated and we cannot adjust or vary pricing for individual customers.


What is the price in EUR, GBP, USD or other currencies?


Unfortunately, we do not convert from original price in EUR to your currency. Please be aware that because currency rates change quickly the amount you may be charged by your credit card company might be slightly different (usually within 1%).


Will sales tax / VAT be added?


Appropriate VAT payments are the responsibility of a buyer.


What credit cards do you accept?


We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.


What is the "CVV"? How do I find mine?


The Card Verification Value (CVV), is a system the credit card companies are introducing to help protect against fraud. It is a code 3 digits long that is calculated from the data on the magnetic strip and cannot be forged by simply knowing the credit card number. This makes it harder (if not impossible) for people to make up random credit card numbers and hope they will work.


Your CVV number may be found in the following locations:


  • Visa: On the back of the card in the signature strip, following the whole card number.
  • MasterCard: On the back of the card in the signature strip, following the card number.

What is your refund policy?


For information on refunds or returns, please contact us on


What is your upgrade policy?


As we constantly develop our company's software and the whole mapping process is done by an international team of experts we put so much effort as possible to enhance and improve our services on a daily basis in order to deliver the highest quality to our customers.